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Netflix Takes First Steps in Their Plan to Charge For Unauthorized Users.

Here we go. If you're sharing you Netflix and expect not to have to pay for'd be wrong. Starting in March.

According to Reddit, the "crackdown" on password sharing has already begun. How? By showing you exactly what devices are logged into your account. You probably already know that you have logged in on your home TV or TV's, maybe a tablet or laptop. But what about when you stayed in that hotel? Or rented a place on VRBO or AirBNB?

What you should do is immediately check all devices in the "NEW: Manage Access and Devices" link once you've logged into your account (I think it's easier to find on a computer...but that's just me). If you see someone logged in and it's not your regular screens, log them out right away. You may even have to log out some of your own TV's or devices based on what plan you have.

The tiers look like this:

Basic Plan: 1 screen/1 user

Standard Plan: 2 screens/2 users

Premium Plan: 4 screens/4 users

It looks like Phase 2 of the crackdown may be a warning or simply the logging out (by them) of any more screens than you have access to based on your plan. After that? Good luck!

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