About Paul and Al: Paul and Al started at 94 HJY in the summer of 1990. So 30+ years later, Paul and Al are STILL on the air! They rank second all-time in longevity for a morning show on the same station in Rhode Island radio history, second only to the legendary Salty Brine. They are aware that they will NEVER have a family beach named after them like Salty but if their program director, Doug Palmieri, gets his way the state landfill may one day be the Paul and Al Dump! And speaking of honors, Paul and Al joined Salty in the original class of inductees into the Rhode Island Radio Hall of Fame in 2008. The first few weeks back in 1990 were a little rough, many of the listeners called with well-intentioned messages like, “You guys SUCK! When are Carolyn Fox and Rudy Cheeks coming back?” After 30+ years, it's down to only a handful of complaints each week. Fortunately, Paul and Al have been supported by amazing talent: Jim Shorts (AKA Steve McDonald) brings his hysterical takes on sports while the multi-talented Kevin plays many roles from writing and producing to his infamous Stuntboy antics. Jenn Dower on news brings two important things Paul and Al don't have: looks and youth! Every Thursday for 30+ years, 94HJY listeners have called in their best jokes for a segment called Stump the DJ. And, amazingly, it STILL has legs with tons of calls and messages with new jokes every week. And, yes, Paul and Al know almost every dirty joke in the book… and it makes their Moms oh-so-proud! The challenge is to keep things fresh after so many years but with our crazy little state it makes it easier for Paul and Al to bring it each and every morning! Thanks for listening!