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Stump the DJ Highlights with Paul and Al 3-24

Lots of Great Jokes on P&A's Stump the DJ

With more jokes than another horribly inaccurate local weather forecast this past week, Paul and Al's Stump the DJ on 94 HJY brings the funny again. Check out the highlights!

St. Patty's Day: Hangover Helper Edition

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, The Paul and Al Show shares some wisdom to perhaps help you with those hangover blues.

Mom Who Does Not Allow Toilet Paper In The House

If this woman was your Mom, what would you do? Buy your own supply of toilet paper on the sly? Run away from home and live with a mother who actually cares about rectal hygiene? Discuss.

RI Considering Human Composting As Alternative To Burial

Not to be grim, but, in a state as small as Rhode Island, human composting might make sense for the deceased since we don't exactly have a lot of room here in Little Rhody to keep putting dead people in boxes and burying them.

Best Jokes from Stump the DJ 3-10

Missed Thursday's edition of Stump the DJ on The Paul and Al Show on 94 HJY? We whipped up some highlights to satisfy your comedic appetite.

Man Suing For Medical Malpractice After Urologist Needlessly Amputated His Wiener

A urologist in Italy incorrectly diagnosed that a 60 year-old male patient had a tumor on his genitals so he amputated the man's unit only to find out later that there was no tumor. The patient is suing for malpractice. We say he has a case. Sadly, what he doesn't have, nor can ever get back, is his junk.

Peter Wolf of J. Geils Band Interviewed by Paul and Al

Today is the 77th birthday of the legendary Peter Wolf of J. Geils Band fame. Paul and Al interviewed him a few years back and he had some cool stories about the glory days and his surprising ties to local radio.

Highlights From Stump The DJ With Paul And Al

I don't believe we've ever thanked you, the HJY/Paul and Al listeners, for your fine, hilarious contributions to Stump the DJ over the past nearly 33 years. So, thank you. But enough of that mushy crap. Send us more jokes for next week. Now!

How Did Al Spend His Snowy Sleepover Alone At HJY?

The first significant snowfall of the winter made Al decide to sleep over at the radio station last night so he wouldn't have to deal with a messy commute this morning to get to The Paul and Al Show. So how did Al spend the stormy night in our big building all alone? Check out the audio or our socials to see for yourself!