Paul and Al

Paul and Al

Paul & Al have been rocking Southern New England on 94HJY for over 30 years. Proof that a good fart joke can last forever!Full Bio

Cranston's CLCF Football Chiefs In The Spotlight

Stump the DJ Highlights from Paul and Al

A lot of really great jokes on this week's session of Stump. Treat yourself to the highlights!

How Did 94 HJY's Paul End Up On A Political Sign?

Perhaps the biggest news on Election Day is that 94 HJY's Paul somehow had his name end up on a political sign.

Stump the DJ Highlights with Paul and Al

We had a lot of great jokes this week for Stump the DJ. Check 'em out, including the winner!

Why Using Fire To Cut Your Hair Is A Bad Idea

A new barber trend in India, "fire haircuts", has inevitably taken a bad turn.

Possible Pats' QB Controversy and More in Shorts' Sports Recap

Do the Patriots have a QB controversy? Bruins win… Celtics get started… and the Yankees move game 5 to today… Details in this sports update….

Stump the DJ Highlights Just For You!

We had an awesome session of Stump the DJ this week. Check out the best of the best jokes.

Teacher Severely Limits Bathroom Breaks For Students

A parent of a young child became concerned when she learned that a teacher was reportedly overly strict about students taking bathroom breaks. You won't believe what she discovered!

San Fran Victorious On MNF, Pats QB Questions, And More

Jimmy G Gets the MNF Win While The Patriots Try To Work Out QB Issues. Here is today's update...

The Best of Stump the DJ

Tons of awesome jokes this week either sent in via Facebook or called in. Here are the highlights!