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A Stump the DJ Session That Ends With A Jets Joke Is Always Good

Sheep Break Into Cannabis Farm and Eat 600 Pounds of Marijuana!

A flock of sheep in Greece knew where to find "the good stuff." They broke into a large cannabis farm and ate over 600 pounds of PREMIUM marijuana! They were spotted later in the day stumbling around and quite disoriented. Pot enthusiasts everywhere are hoping these sheep will all be sheared immediately for their pot-tainted wool so these human stoners can literally smoke their sweaters.

Airline Passengers Reimbursed For Sitting Next To Farting Dog

It's one thing when the passenger in the seat next to you on the plane has problem flatulence. You can at least politely ask him to try to hold it in. But when the passenger next to you is an incessantly farting dog who clearly has a poor diet? Good luck!

Wondering Why You Reek? You've Been Washing Your Armpits Wrong!

This may explain why you have no friends - you let your armpit hygiene slowly go to hell.

The Winning Joke on Paul and Al's Stump the DJ

It was unanimous amongst all of the members of 94 HJY's Paul and Al Show - this joke was the top of the heap this week.

Our Favorite Jokes from Stump the DJ This Week

Is it possible that, over the course of over three hilarious decades of The Paul and Al Show that this was, by FAR, the funniest, most original, most unbelievable entertaining session of Stump the DJ ever?! No. No, it's not possible. Definitely good for a chuckle or two, though. Especially if you're high or drunk.

Paul and Al Interview "Alan Paul" About His Awesome Allman Brothers Book

Just to confuse the audience we had author Alan Paul on the Paul and Al Show! We share more than our juxtaposed names... a worship of the Allman Brothers Band. Alan is THE expert on, arguably, the most important American rock n' roll band. Listen to our full interview and check out his award-winning book, "Brothers and Sisters: The Allman Brothers Band and the Inside Story of the Album That Defined the '70s" on Amazon.

RI Has The Second Most Aggressive Drivers in the U.S. - YAY!

A new poll has confirmed what many of us here in the Ocean State already know - we SUCK behind the wheel! (or at least the RI drivers around me suck. I drive just fine.)

Woman Loses "Mom of the Year" Consideration... Numerous Times

It's bad enough to allegedly lock your young child in a closet... when you're hosting a sex party... where someone dies.

Aaron Rodgers Jokes and More on Stump the DJ

Did our listeners lay off of jokes about Aaron Rodgers' season-ending injury? Nope. That would imply that our listeners have a sense of decency, a conscience, and the ability to feel guilt. That's not Paul and Al's kind of people. Check out all the Stump highlights!