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O.J. Jokes Were Pretty Much Inevitable for Today's Stump the DJ

Eclipse Safety Glasses? Not For Kevin's Elderly Neighbor!

Last week's solar eclipse was viewed safely by hundreds and hundreds of thousands. And viewed UNSAFELY by Kevin's elderly neighbor, who had no use for that "new-fangled, eyesight protectin' eyewear. Full blindness should set in by Friday.

Please Enjoy These Stump the DJ Highlights

Paul and Al invite you to listen to the absolute best jokes from this week's Stump the DJ. If you listen to the very end, the winning joke is free!

Stump the DJ Winner 4/11!

Apparently, some listener named "Wheelz" had the winning joke for Stump the DJ today. Must be some young comedy up-and-comer. Never heard of him. Wonder if he'll ever win again.

City of Oakland Rightfully Berated For Harassing 102 Year-Old Disabled Man

A 102 year-old, wheelchair-bound disabled man was facing heavy fines for not painting over graffiti on his property committed by others. His story went viral when video showed the poor, elderly, disabled man attempting to comply as he struggled to paint over the graffiti. After an outpouring of public outrage, the City of Oakland says they will reassess the case.

Hunter Asks Police if He Needs License to Hunt... Sasquatch!

On the one hand, you have to respect this Bigfoot hunter for being conscientious enough to contact authorities to make sure he was abiding by all Sasquatch-hunting rules. On the other hand, it's hard to respect this guy because, A). he thinks Bigfoot is real, and B). because he sincerely believes he is the dude who will finally capture or kill the elusive creature.

Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge: Steals Woman's Toilet!

Some people handle a break-up with dignity, respect, and class. Other people steal their ex's toilet.

The Stump the DJ Champion of the Week!

If the punchline to this joke resembles anything you have ever done in your life, it is indeed officially time to call that sex addiction therapist.

The Best of the Best from Stump the DJ

Yesterday was the TRIUMPHANT return of Stump the DJ... well, not all that "triumphant". I mean, we just did it a week ago and have been doing it every Thursday for 34 years straight. So, forget the clickbait hype of my opening statement and please enjoy these normal, decent-very good Stump the DJ highlights from Paul and Al...

Jenn's Dog Hooper Interrupts Her News With His Nose In Her, Um, Backside

This proves how much of a pro Jenn is: she was broadcasting from home, doing the news on-air with Paul and Al, when her beloved dog, Hooper, stuck his nose in Jenn's... well... it rhymes with "Hooper". But, as the old show biz adage says, "The show must go on!"