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How To Get Your Partner Warm In The Pants!

A recent survey reveals what gets women and men in the mood

There’s a theory that men get turned on spontaneously, but women need some kind of build up to get in the mood. But in reality, things aren’t so black and white. While some men may be ready to go at the drop of a hat, some women are, too.

A recent survey reveals exactly what gets men and women in the mood for sex and the number one thing for both sexes is actually the same: watching something sexy on screen with their partner. From there, the turn ons differ for men and women.

The top 10 things that put women in the mood for sex:

  1. Watching a TV or movie sex scene with my partner
  2. Flirty chat or text
  3. Beginning of a vacation
  4. Clean sheets
  5. Flattering lighting
  6. White wine or rosé
  7. Scented candles
  8. Prospect of first time sex with someone new
  9. Work success
  10. Sharing sexy pictures with a partner

And the top 10 things that get men in the mood are:

  1. Watching a TV or movie sex scene with my partner
  2. Being sent a naked or topless selfie
  3. Sexy talk on WhatsApp or text
  4. Beer
  5. Prospect of first-time sex with a new partner
  6. Sexy lingerie
  7. My partner suggesting sex before me
  8. My favorite sports team winning
  9. Killing it at work
  10. Start of the weekend

Source: Metro

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