Kevin And Shorts Busted For Hogging Coffee Milk

Kevin and Jim Shorts on the Paul and Al Show love the coffee milk delivered to the iHeartMedia studios every week. Two gallons, and they drink more than their share. In fact, they drink all of it. Two men polishing off two coffee milk gallons in two days. Management decided to set up a sting operation to bust the coffee milk gluttons who not only drink all the coffee milk, but who don't return the empty bottles to the mandated recycling crate on the third floor. Here, Kevin and Shorts tell Paul and Al their side of the story, and how they sensed they were being set up to take the coffee milk fall via a company e-mail from management.


The day after the coffee milk segment aired on the Paul and Al Show, Kevin came to work to find his studio with coffee milk spattered effigies of himself and Shorts taped to empty coffee milk bottles and an eerie "Saw"-inspired message from his boss, Rob Anthony. Check out the video. Busted!

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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