Van Halen's First Album - 40th Anniversary!

Van Halen's self-titled debut album "Van Halen" came out 40 years ago tomorrow (Feb. 10) and forever changed the landscape of rock 'n roll in every way. All bias on the table, I write this as a GIGANTIC Van Halen fanatic.  And not much about the influence of this album can be said that has not already been said, so I won't do a track-by-track dissection of this masterpiece, but there really is not a dud song in the bunch. The opening strains of the disc - the car horn leading into Mike Anthony's thumping "Runnin' With The Devil" bassline - would have been more appropriate if it were a train horn warning you that you are about to be hit head-on by a freight train - not a mere car - of an acoustic onslaught of brilliance that is about to flood your ears.  From Eddie's guitar acrobatics to Alex's thunderous drums, flashy fills and heavy cymbal crashes to David Lee's shrieks and screams and fun, kick ass lyrics to Mike's perfectly complimentary bass lines and heralded back-up vocals, this album has it all.  Top 5 tracks for me - most of the usual suspects: "Runnin' With The Devil", "Eruption/You Really Got Me", "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love", "Jamie's Cryin'", "Atomic Punk", "Feel Your Love Tonight", and "Ice Cream Man".  Oops - that's more than 5.  Hell, I love 'em all, love this album. Definitely an anniversary worth celebrating - the initial official unleashing of The Mighty Van Halen to the world!

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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