Transformers: "Bumblebee" Is Not For Me

So I'm a movie nut.  And I'm usually willing to give things a shot, but, after seeing the just-released Transformers "Bumblebee" trailer, I have even less desire to see it than I did after "Transformers" burnout from the Michael Bay era.  Granted, "Bumblebee" is in different directorial hands now and there is a new collection of characters, but the "Bumblebee" trailer did nothing to get me to plop down 10 bucks for a ticket.  Just a cluster-eff of their fancy cars-turning-into-giant robots special effects which the filmmakers seem very self-satisfied with.  Are the effects good, maybe even better than in previous "Transformers" films?  Maybe.  But that ain't gonna' carry an entire movie.  Like too man of today's Hollywood films, way too much spectacle, not enough story.  Action tries to mask lack of character development, story, motivation, etc.

In short, from the looks of things, if this is the best "Bumblebee" has to offer in its debut trailer, no thanks.  Time to put this franchise to bed.  Actually, that time came early on in the Shia LaBeouf era.  It's a tired narrative.

As happens all too often, my review of a new action, superhero, sci-fi extravaganza trailer turns into a review of the entire Hollywood filmmaking scene - enough with the remakes and the retreads.  Come up with something new.  "Transform" yourselves into better filmmakers with some g*d damn creativity.  

Thank you.

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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