P&A's Lost Track of the Day is from Loggins and Messina Live!

Back in the days of "Progressive" rock radio, this was the go-to song when the DJ had to run to the bathroom late at night! It's today's LOST TRACK from Paul & Al! Here's a live version performed by Loggins and Messina, a little older and less hairy!

"Paul and Al's Lost Tracks" are a daily feature on the Paul and Al page at 94HJY.com. We look back on songs that are long lost and forgotten that HJY used to play or that you might remember from MTV back in the days when they played music videos. Be sure to listen to the Paul and Al Show weekday mornings from 5:30-10 on your Home of Rock 'n Roll, 94 HJY. And be sure to log onto 94HJY.com every day for a new Paul and Al's Lost Track song and artist. Have a Lost Track you would like to see featured? E-mail kevin@whjy.com.