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It's Tough For Shorts To Get Excited About The Olympics In Beijing

Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics today......

I almost vomited when they had the gall to play Imagine by John Lennon

Sorry....can't get over the fact that the International Olympic Committee took China's money and allowed the games to take place in Bejing.

China gets to portray themselves as the world's ambassadors, while human rights violations are plentiful just outside the camera's view.....

And for what?...So the IOC members can look the other way and line their pockets with dirty money ...

I feel terrible for the athletes, who are just pawns in this PR money grab 

The Olympic Motto is...Faster, Higher, Stronger- Together......

If you are a member of the IOC you might want to add Richer .....

(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Opening Ceremony - Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Day 0

BEIJING, CHINA - FEBRUARY 04: A general view inside the stadium as projections are seen around the snowflake and Olympic Rings during the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at the Beijing National Stadium on February 04, 2022 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)Photo: Getty Images

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